A new day 6th market

A New Day: 6th & Market

Piece description from the artist

"A New Day: 6th and Market", presents the building facades of the Golden Gate Theatre and the Warfield Theatre in a continuous silhouette. The large building facade on the left is the infamous Warfield Theatre. Although these buildings are centrally located near downtown and the booming heart of the city, Sixth Street is one of the most decayed neighborhoods in San Francisco.

The Golden Gate Theatre was designed by the architect G. Albert Lansburgh in the 1920's. He said, “form and function must compliment one another…a theatre must not only be beautiful but completely functional”. The theatre showed silent films for over 50 years. During the 1960’s, it was converted into a two-screen theatre. It suffered little damage, restored as a single auditorium and reopened in 1979 as a Performing Arts Center. The Warfiled Theatre was also designed by G. Albert Lansburgh. A 2,300 seat music venue- a vaudeville theatre when it first opened in 1922. The Warfield served as home for the Greatful Dead for many years, and also many other great bands have performed and continue to play there.

In this painting, I share the second phase for "A New Day: 6th and Market"- the sky is wide and open, could be a bright sunrise or sunset. It is a quiet setting, and no pedestrians are nearby. All 3 buildings' facades are holding themselves up and standing harmoniously. A new day awaits for everyone to be part of and share the uplift of the scene.

In a recent article in Artslant, written by Wilma Parker, she describes this painting as followed:"Patricia’s lipstick-glossy "A New Day, 6th and Market", shows the same Golden Gate Theater, but now transformed into pure geometry and solid space, the tonality taking you off the mean grey fog-bound streets abandoned even by sailors into the cleanest of deep blue tangerine atmospheres reminiscent of a day at the Taj Mahal. Perhaps that is where all our sailors went."

Other works by Patricia Araujo

About Patricia Araujo

San Francisco, CA

Patricia Araujo was born in Miami, Fl, the daughter of Colombian parents, and she grew up in Bogota, Colombia. Since childhood, she's been enchanted by architecture and form – drawing arches and entrances, and designing imaginary floor plans. After completing high school in Bogota, Araujo moved to Northern California to pursue her college education. She studied architecture, painting, and photography. In 2005 she obtained her second B.F.A in Painting, from the San Francisco Art Institute.

Since the late 1990's, Patricia Araujo has painted the facades of both iconic city landmarks and downtown buildings. Her paintings depict praiseworthy examples of San Francisco architecture, some utilitarian and others grandly ornamental. She's been bewildered by the architecture of cities she's lived and traveled to and by imaginary places. From 2008 to 2010, she dedicated a series of works relating to Tomorrowland and as of most recent she's devoted to painting the architectural wonders and forgotten treasures of "GGIE" (the Golden Gate International Exposition of 1939 at Treasure Island) – the last World's Fair of San Francisco Bay. Her interest in researching the urban landscape continues to grow, addressing the evolution and decay within a city. Araujo continues to deepen her conceptual themes on architecture, place and change in the urban landscape.

She has been exhibiting in San Francisco since 1998. Some of the venues exhibited include: Arc Gallery, Arttitud, Bayview Opera House, HANG ART, Roll Up Gallery, STUDIO Gallery, the Old Emporium, Pen Club Gallery in Budapest and most recent at the Old Mint with Treasure Island Museum. In 2008, she published her first book, entitled ”SOMA SEEN”. Her work has been written about in the San Francisco Chronicle, ARTslant, 7×7 SF, Huffington Post, Examiner, Beyondchron, and the San Francisco Bay Guardian. She lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area. To view her complete portfolio and resume online please visit: www.AbstractMetropolis.com

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