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From curation to installation, TurningArt provides turnkey art programming for organizations nationwide.

Our Mission

We believe in the power of art to create a more inspired world.

At TurningArt, we're focused on building a future where art is a sustainable, enriching, and expected part of our daily lives. By bringing the creativity of today's artists into our everyday experience, we strive to create connections between local artists and their communities.


  • Turnkey Service

    We handle everything– from design and curation to installation and rotation– freeing you to be involved as much (or as little) as you’d like. You will have a dedicated Art Advisor to manage your program every step of the way.

  • Local Artwork, Nationally

    Working with over 2,500 artists nationwide, we ensure that you can feature the work of local artists in your space, no matter where you are.

  • Extensive Selection

    Drawing from a catalog of over 50,000 pieces, we offer a full range of art types including prints, originals, commissions and bespoke installations to ensure that you get the right artwork for your space.

  • Preferred Pricing

    Pick the program and pricing model that’s right for you. We rotate your artwork at the frequency of your choosing and can combine purchase and rental options to offer superior design and pricing flexibility.

Why TurningArt

  • 98% of clients would recommend TurningArt
  • 90% of rotating clients renew their program year after year
  • 1 in 5 clients expand their collection each year
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How it Works

TurningArt manages every step of bringing art into your space through a turnkey service experience. No matter where you are in the process, our team is here to deliver your vision.
  1. Phase 1

    One-on-one Consultation

    Connect with an in-house Art Advisor to learn more about our service offerings, discuss your project needs, and align on your artwork goals.

  2. Phase 2

    Complimentary Proposal

    Your Art Advisor will prepare a complimentary proposal and customized quote for your space to include an overview of programming options and recommended artwork configurations and treatments.

  3. Phase 3

    Program Design & Selection

    Determine which program is best for your space, as well as your budget. Whether you choose to purchase, commission, or lease & rotate your collection, we deliver concept-driven option sets to realize your vision.

  4. Phase 4

    Artwork Curation & Voting Feedback

    Leveraging our extensive catalog, your Art Advisor will curate your bespoke collection. With our online gallery tools & voting software, you can seamlessly involve your team or leadership in final art selections.

  5. Phase 5

    Installation & Rotation

    Our professional Art Handlers will be on site to handle everything from delivery to installation. Once installed, our rotating programs refresh your collection and keep your space performing year after year.

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​​TurningArt provides best-in-class support, quality, and program flexibility nationwide. Through our online selection tools and catalog of over 50,000 artworks, our turnkey approach is fun, efficient, and designed to enhance the experience of your space.
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As a Preferred Art Partner, TurningArt's team can create an experience that is right for your organization. Through our turnkey services and wide variety of options, we design partner programs that amplify and expand on the stories you want to tell.
Helping you better serve your clients.
A unique approach to expanding your product offerings.
Your single point of contact to facilitate turnkey artwork programming.
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  • NextView Ventures

    NextView Ventures
    "As a venture capital firm, we're meeting with companies with some of the most innovative ideas. We craft a customized, dynamic approach for their success and know that our space should reflect that ideal. This is why we collaborated with TurningArt. We vote and rotate our art every six months to align with the spirit of the rapidly changing start-up scene."
    David Beisel
    Co-Founder & Partner
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  • Simon Kucher & Partners

    Simon Kucher & Partners
    "We really wanted our new office to feel warm and inviting because it is intended for visitors. Becca provided us with an interactive gallery page that helped us collaborate smoothly and align as a team on the pieces we liked for the space. We were able to create an artwork program that will help welcome our visitors from all over the world to the city of Boston.”
    Hannah Anthony
    Office Manager
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  • Longfellow Real Estate Partners

    Longfellow Real Estate Partners
    “We put complete trust into the creative process of each artist and couldn’t be happier with how all six murals turned out! Our goal was to create a unique, hyper-local mural collection that would transform the property and elevate it beyond the status quo, and TurningArt helped us do just that. The presence of the local artist community is truly felt across the campus.”
    Sarah Meiners
    Marketing Manager
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  • Vocon

    “At Vocon we are true collaborators, and we love partnering with industry experts that will help us deliver the best possible results for our clients. Working with TurningArt was a very positive experience. We developed the design concept but did not have to source all of the artwork. TurningArt recruited everything needed to meet the needs of the design.”
    Architecture Firm
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  • JLL

    “Our large reception screen offered us a unique opportunity to display beautiful, cutting edge, work from local digital artists that might not otherwise have been placed in our space. Not only does the artwork elevate the visual appeal of our main entrance and highlight the wayfinding information, it also makes our tenant’s daily experience that much better.
    Jim Osborn
    Senior General Manager
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TurningArt represents a talented network of artists all over the world who work in a wide range of styles and mediums.

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