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At TurningArt, we are dedicated to creating a more sustainable path for artists and promoting the power of art. Through TurningArt's Partner Programs, we are able to connect artists with more spaces to create meaningful impact.

As a partner, we work with you to create an experience designed to tell your story.



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TurningArt partners with the nation’s leading real estate and office service businesses to help the communities they serve. Art can be a unique and innovative way to engage and build community. With our extensive collection of 50,000 pieces of artwork, turnkey services, and trade & private retail access, our partners see us as a key resource and through rotation, a way to stay top of mind!

  • 98% of clients would recommend TurningArt

Our clients and partners

  • CBRE

    "As we finalized new furniture purchases for a lobby refresh, we knew Art would be an integral part of completing the look this demographic expects from a Class A property experience. TurningArt's piece recommendations were SPOT ON, and our Art Advisor made every step of the process painless."
    Jessica Pavlic
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From digital signage to furniture, TurningArt adds a unique approach to expand your offerings and sets you apart. With over 50,000 pieces of art from over 2,500 artists to choose from, your clients can support your local creatives with options that work within your company's approach to style and experience. Through our flexible pricing and array of product offerings from image licensure to prints and original artwork, partners increase revenue opportunities through the power of art.

  • 1 in 5 customers add artwork each year

Our clients and partners

  • JLL

    "Our large reception screen offered us a unique opportunity to display beautiful, cutting edge, work from local digital artists that might not otherwise have been placed in our space. Not only does the artwork elevate the visual appeal of our main entrance and highlight the wayfinding information, it also makes our tenant’s daily experience that much better. I couldn’t be more proud of the way we are pushing the boundaries of modern digital artwork."
    Jim Osborn
    Senior manager
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As the nationwide leader in rotational art programs, TurningArt works as your single point of contact to facilitate turnkey artwork programming & locally engaging collections for your entire real estate portfolio. With our catalog of over 50,000 pieces of artwork and a dedicated art advisory team, TurningArt offers custom designed process with opportunities to engage your community through art vote tools and QR code placards.

  • 90% of rotating clients renew their program year after year

Our clients and partners

  • Office Evolution

    Office Evolution
    ​​“Coming into this project, we knew we wanted a local Texas look for our office without being too obvious or cliché. TurningArt provided us with a selection of contemporary works that made our space feel authentically Texas while also aligning with our brand color palette of oranges and blues. We couldn’t be happier with how easy it was to get art into our space."
    Brian Koster
    Franchise Owner
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Sharon Sieben, Simona Gocan, Jaime Blumenthal, Timothy Horjus, Barbara Cooper, Rica Belna, Vicky Barranguet, Mia Pearlman, Michelle Silverman, Natalia Lvova, Angel Estevez, Sal Nordan, Bob Francis, Eugene Norris, Erin Clark, Irena Orlov, Dilcia Giron, Ian Ross.