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​​TurningArt provides best-in-class support, quality, and program flexibility nationwide. Through our online gallery and custom voting tool, our turnkey approach is fun, efficient, and designed to enhance the experience of your space.

  • Turnkey Service

    We handle everything– from curation to installation and rotation– freeing you to be involved as much (or as little) as you’d like. You will have a dedicated Art Advisor to manage your program every step of the way.

  • Extensive Selection

    Drawing from a catalog of over 50,000 pieces, we offer a full range of art types including prints, originals, commissions and bespoke installations to ensure that you get the right artwork for your space.

  • Local Artwork, Nationally

    Working with over 2,500 artists nationwide, we ensure that you can feature the work of local artists in your space to reflect your community, style, and brand, no matter where you are.

  • Flexible Pricing

    Pick the program and pricing model that’s right for you. We can rotate your artwork at the frequency of your choosing and can combine purchase and rental options to offer superior design and pricing flexibility.

  • Business

    Art for Business

    From Fortune 500 companies to growing startups, no matter your artwork goals, we can realize your vision.

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    • toast
    • Lincoln International
  • Real Estate

    Art for Real Estate

    Servicing office buildings, multi-family apartments, and every space in between, we deliver value to your property and its tenants.

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    • JLL
    • CBRE
  • Healthcare

    Art for Healthcare

    We elevate the employee and patient experience to inspire confidence, comfort, and healing in all healthcare spaces.

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    • Pfizer
    • Boston Children's Hospital
  • Designers

    Art for Interior Designers

    We work directly with you and your clients to build an artwork program that will compliment your design vision.

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    • Dyer Brown
    • Gensler
  • Institutions

    Art for Institutions

    We offer affordable artwork programs designed to complement your branding and enhance the visitor experience.

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    • Harvard University
    • University of New Hampshire
  • Hospitality

    Office art for Hospitality Industry

    We offer flexible solutions nationwide to create an enhanced and cohesive experience across all your locations.

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    • Nasuni
    • Robinson+Cole
  • Artists

    For Artists

    TurningArt represents a talented network of artists from all over the world, who work in a wide range of styles and mediums. Follow the link below to learn more about our artist programs and submit your application.

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  • Lincoln International

    Lincoln International
    “Becca was able to curate artwork for the conference rooms that perfectly celebrated each city, whether through stunning photography or more abstract interpretations of the city's ambiance. This instance was just one of many reasons why working with Becca was a true pleasure. From the start, it was clear that I could put my full trust in her to complete the project beautifully."
    Tara Bishop
    Office Manager
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  • CBRE

    “TurningArt's online art selection tools and vast catalog made it easy to install a collection that complimented our style. We had such a great experience with TurningArt that my entire team is utilizing the service across our portfolio. We love having a single provider for multiple locations that can meet the needs of each individual ownership group and decor objectives.”
    Bryan R. Heller
    Advisory & Transaction Services
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  • Haley McLane, LLC

    Haley McLane, LLC
    “TurningArt’s service freed up my time to focus on getting all the details just right. The quarterly artwork rotations breathe a dynamic energy into the space that continuously reinforces our design goals in a way that is engaging and authentic.”
    Haley Mclnae
    Owner, Designer
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  • Longfellow

    “Art has the power to amplify the experience of a space, promote the intended ethos of an environment, and build a sense of community. Working with Alyce and TurningArt, a company that, like us, understands and champions the transformative powers of art was a true pleasure.”
    Tom Congoran
    Senior Project Manager
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  • Central Arts Plaza

    Central Arts Plaza
    “We are very proud to be situated in the center of Phoenix's art district and wanted to honor this fact by supporting local artists in our collection. TurningArt fit these criteria perfectly and was able to source all of the artwork from some wonderfully talented local Arizona artists.”
    David Long
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