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TurningArt serves businesses large and small, across all industries, nationwide. From Fortune 500 companies to growing startups, no matter your artwork goals, we can deliver your vision.


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    Turnkey Service

    From curation to installation, we handle every step of the process, freeing you to get involved as much or as little as you’d like. As a national provider, you’ll have a single-point of contact for all your office locations.

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    Community Engagement

    ​​Our optional voting tool lets you invite your team to participate in artwork selection in order to create meaningful connections between your team, your space, and the artists in your community.

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    Local Artwork

    In partnership with thousands of working artists across the country, our team can source local artwork that reflects your company style and brand, no matter where you are located.

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    Dynamic Rotation

    Set your space apart by rotating artwork at the frequency of your choosing. Keep your space performing and create an office experience that’s as dynamic as the people who work there.

  • 98% of clients would recommend TurningArt
  • 98% of rotating clients renew their program year after year
  • 1 in 5 clients add artwork each year

The Benefits You Receive

  • Extensive Customization

    Extensive Customization

    By building valuable partnerships with working artists, we are able to offer over 50,000 works available in a large variety of mediums, sizes, styles, and treatments. We have options to deliver on any vision.
  • Supporting Artists

    Supporting Artists

    Whether you are renting, buying, or commissioning your artwork, a percentage of every dollar you spend with TurningArt is paid directly to the artists whose work you enjoy.
  • Engage Your Team

    Engage Your Team

    Whether you want to invite a committee or the entire team to participate, final artwork selections can be made through our community voting tool to engage employees and build company culture.


The Work of TurningArt and our Artists
  • NextView Ventures

    NextView Ventures
    "As a venture capital firm, we're meeting with companies with some of the most innovative ideas. We craft a customized, dynamic approach for their success and know that our space should reflect that ideal. This is why we collaborated with TurningArt. We vote and rotate our art every six months to align with the spirit of the rapidly changing start-up scene."
    David Beisel
    Co-Founder & Partner
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  • Lincoln International

    Lincoln International
    “Becca was able to curate artwork for the conference rooms that perfectly celebrated each city, whether through stunning photography or more abstract interpretations of the city's ambiance. This instance was just one of many reasons why working with Becca was a true pleasure. From the start, it was clear that I could put my full trust in her to complete the project beautifully."
    Tara Bishop
    Office Manager
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  • Simon Kucher & Partners

    Simon Kucher & Partners
    "We really wanted our new office to feel warm and inviting because it is intended for visitors. Becca provided us with an interactive gallery page that helped us collaborate smoothly and align as a team on the pieces we liked for the space. We were able to create an artwork program that will help welcome our visitors from all over the world to the city of Boston.”
    Hannah Anthony
    Office Manager
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Steve Barylick, Sofia Maldonado, Christopher Clark, Adam O’Day, Inna Geyyer, Jen McCleary, Hollis Brown Thornton, Jodie Baehre, Navid Baraty.