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Art as an Agent of Wellness

TurningArt provides artwork programs to healthcare spaces of all sizes nationwide.

With the acquisition of Distinctive Art Source in March 2024, TurningArt proudly brings evidence-based design expertise and a team with decades of experience as a certified EDAC Advocate Firm to inspire confidence, comfort, and healing through art.

Enhancing the patient, visitor, and staff experience is at the core of our mission, and our combined companies offer dynamic, turnkey service offerings to deliver impactful and integrated visual experiences.


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    Turnkey Service

    We handle everything– from curation to installation and rotation– freeing you to be involved as much (or as little) as you’d like. You will have a dedicated Art Advisor to manage your program every step of the way.

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    Community Engagement

    Our custom voting tool lets your employees or decision-makers participate in artwork selection, while our QR placards give visitors and patients the opportunity to connect with the art in your space.

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    Local Artwork

    Collaborating with working artists across the country, we can source local artwork that reflects the quality of the services your patients expect.

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    Dynamic Rotation

    Rotate artwork at the frequency of your choosing in order to set your environment apart, and keep it as inspiring as the people who use it.

  • 98% of clients would recommend TurningArt
  • 90% of rotating clients renew their program year after year
  • 1 in 5 clients add artwork each year

The Benefits You Receive

  • Build Brand Recognition

    Build Brand Recognition

    Art acts as a visual representation of your service and can be valuable in helping patients recognize a familiar and trusted health provider.
  • Create Calm Environments

    Create Calm Environments

    Artwork helps to foster comfort and calm for both employees and patients, improving workplace satisfaction and healing.
  • Support Local Artists

    Support Local Artists

    Whether you choose to rent or purchase artwork, a percentage of every dollar you spend with TurningArt is paid directly to the artists.


The Work of TurningArt and our Artists

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Artwork & Photography by

Aggie Palvladis, Hollis Brown Thornton, John Gentile, Brian Deyoung, Rica Belna, Jonell Melville, David Johnson, Toni Silber Delerive, Mia Cross, Paul Fuentes, Steve Barylick, Amos Goldbaum.