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What Is TurningArt?

TurningArt brings artwork from today's most talented artists into businesses and real estate nationwide. We work with painters, photographers, illustrators, sculptors, and installation artists to provide our clients with collections of artwork that are engaging and personal.

What are the Benefits of Showing Your Work on TurningArt?

Grow Your Audience

Your work will be shared with our diverse, national network of clients looking to discover new art for their business or commercial properties.

Transparency & Reporting

With our Artist Dashboard, showing your work and tracking your progress is simple. Login to your account at any time to check on your profile activity, make changes to your inventory or listing info, view your earning statements, and more – all at the click of a button.

Three Ways To Earn

With TurningArt’s dynamic service options, you can earn revenue up to 3 different ways:

  • Leasing: earn a percentage of the artwork’s retail price for every month a piece is leased.
  • Sales: earn a commission from selling your work with TurningArt.
  • Commissions: earn revenue on site specific and commissioned client projects.

Opt in to all 3, some, or 1 — how you make your work available to show with us is up to you.

Your Artist Team

The TurningArt Artist Team is ready to help with anything you may need, so never hesitate to be in touch. We’re artists ourselves, and we’re dedicated to your happiness and success.

You Create, We Do The Work

Using the inventory information you’ve provided through your Artist Dashboard, our team finds the right spaces for your work. We’ll take care of all of the details in marketing, sales, and logistics to free up your time to focus in the studio.

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How It All Works

To get started as TurningArtist, first select the TurningArt program right for your work.

Artist Program

As a full Partner Artist, you are eligible to show your work and earn revenue with TurningArt through all of our service options: original & commission sales, original & commission lease, print sales, and print lease.

List and Publish your work to TurningArt’s online public catalog. We use this catalog to create rotating print programs (our most popular service) and facilitate purchases for our business clients. Artworks listed in this catalog are made available as:

  • Limited edition prints in various sizes as and treatments. These prints are produced, matted, framed, and shipped directly from TurningArt to our clients. You don’t have to lift a finger.
  • Original Artworks available for sale and lease as applicable.

Affiliate Artist Program

As an Affiliate Artist, your work will be shown exclusively in TurningArt’s original and commission service options. This program is designed for artists who are unable to participate in TurningArt’s limited edition print programs, or would like to only be considered for original artwork projects.

  • List your available inventory in TurningArt’s internal, original artwork catalog for original & commission lease and purchase projects.
  • The internal catalog is accessed only by TurningArt’s Art Advisors to browse and include artworks in client proposals.

All TurningArtists have access to an Artist Dashboard.

Through the Artist Dashboard, you can view past & scheduled earnings, view details of your pieces on lease, and make updates to listings and past projects so our Art Advisors can keep on sharing your work with clients. Track your earnings every step of the way as clients fall in love with and select to install your work!

On your Dashboard, you can add more work to the site any time, and keep on growing!

Artist Benefits

Access to our Artist Team Original Artwork Rentals Original & Commissioned Artwork Sales Access to our Marketing Benefits Access to our National Client Network TurningArt Limited Edition Print Rentals TurningArt Limited Edition Print Sales Searchable Profiles with Artwork and Artist Bio Access to TurningArt’s Full Production Services
Affiliate Artists
Partner Artists

For more information on our artist programs, take a look at our Affiliate Artist FAQ page and Partner Artist FAQ page.

Meet Some Of Our Artists

Just a dog trying to get a bone Noir Matt
On TurningArt since 2011

Matthew Clark — Partner Artist

It's really cool to be able to track pieces and see where they are going and how much people view, etc.
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Michelle Ferrera — Partner Artist

Taking this plunge to do art fulltime is so scary… You and your team at TurningArt are really doing a great job at being attentive and helping us further our careers as Artists!
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Michelle Mmm Summertime makes me feel
A member comissioned a new piece based on her work
Erin kerbert 1 Erin kerbert 2 Erin kerbert 3 Erin kerbert 4
One of our first Affiliate Artists

Erin Kerbert — Affiliate Artist

TurningArt has been an awesome way to get my work in front of new art buyers. TurningArt takes care of all of the logistics to get my artwork installed and consistently supportive and accommodating. I look forward to more opportunities to install my work through TurningArt in the future!
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Ready To Sign Up?

It only takes a minute to get started.

Once you’ve selected which program you’d like to participate in, follow next steps to submit your application and get started!

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Check out our Affiliate Artist FAQ and Partner Artist FAQ or email us at artists@turningart.com and we’ll take care of you right away.