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Why TurningArt

TurningArt curates artwork collections for businesses, commercial properties, healthcare institutions, and private residences nationwide. Our Art Advisory is dedicated to promoting our artists and incorporating their work into the collections we curate for our clients’ spaces.


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    New Ways to Earn

    With TurningArt’s dynamic service options, you can earn revenue from sales, leasing, and commissions. Offer TurningArt prints of your work and also list originals.

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    You Create, We do the Rest

    Using the inventory information you provide, our team finds the right spaces for your work. We take care of all of the details in marketing, sales, and logistics.

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    Your Team

    Our Artist Services team is ready to help with anything you may need. We’re artists ourselves, and we’re dedicated to your happiness and success.

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    Grow your audience

    Your work will be shared with our diverse, national network of clients looking to feature art in their spaces and commercial properties.

The Work of TurningArt & Its Artists

Artist Programming

TurningArt represents a talented network of artists from all over the world, working in a wide range of styles and mediums. To accommodate all kinds of work and portfolios, we offer two programs: Partner Artist and Affiliate Artist. Apply to the program that best fits your work and is in line with your current goals, you can swap your program at any time.

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    Partner Artist

    As a full Partner Artist, you are eligible to show your work and earn revenue with TurningArt through all of our service options: print rentals, print sales, original sales, original rentals, digital artwork programs, and commissions. List your work to TurningArt’s online catalog to have your work rented in rotating print programs (our most popular service) and sold for purchase to one of our clients.

    Artworks listed in this catalog are made available as:

    • Fine Art Prints and Limited-Edition Prints in various sizes and treatments. These prints are produced, matted, framed, and shipped directly from TurningArt to our clients. You don’t have to lift a finger.
    • Original Artworks available for sale and lease, as applicable and designated by you.
    • Fine art prints available for sale on our partner e-commerce site, Made & Curated.
    Partner Artist FAQ
  • artist affiliate

    Affiliate Artist

    As an Affiliate Artist, your work will be shown exclusively in TurningArt’s original and commission service programs. The Affiliate program is designed for artists who are unable to participate in TurningArt’s print programming, or would like to only be considered for original artwork projects.

    Artworks listed in this internal catalog are accessed only by TurningArt’s Art Advisors and are available as:

    • Original works for lease and purchase projects.
    • Commissions for purchase projects.
    Affiliate Artist & FAQ

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Check out our Affiliate Artist FAQ and Partner Artist FAQ or email us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.


In Studio

Artist Spotlight

Kim Carlino

TurningArtist Kim Carlino uses abstraction as a structure to explore interconnectedness. She is drawn to abstraction as a lens to explore conceptual i...

On Site

Artist Spotlight

Bold Murals Bring Life to a San Diego Property

TurningArt partnered with Longfellow to create a mural art program designed to activate the exterior courtyard space for work...
  • Our TurningArtists

    Our TurningArtists
    “TurningArt offers an amazing platform for visual artists. I’ve been using TurningArt for several years now and have seen a steady profit coming in each month from the rental & sale of my work. Additionally, their staff is terrific! They are easy to work with and treat their artists with respect and admiration. If you are an artist who wants to reach a broader audience, TurningArt is a great service to consider!”
    Jennifer Carland
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  • Our TurningArtists

    Our TurningArtists
    "I truly enjoy working with TurningArt. We have been able to do some amazing projects, including large wall murals in office buildings. I was so impressed with their ability to make clients and artists happy at the same time. I've been able to see my audience expand, especially in the cities that reflect my artwork. I always feel supported and encouraged, it's a pleasure working with them."
    Amy Smith
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Interested in becoming a TurningArtist?

Artwork & Photography by

Inna Geyyer, Mike Filan, Lacy Kim, Greg Jefferson, Héctor Soto, Alyssa Dennis, Vicky Barrenguet, Vincent Ghoste, Kim Carlino, Jennifer Carland, Caroline Geys, Amy Smith.