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A New Way to Reach Customers and Sell Your Original Artwork

TurningArt is the only company that offers customers the opportunity to learn about and explore art within the comfort of their own home, at their own pace

  • For a monthly fee, TurningArt customers can receive prints of your original artwork for display in their home.
  • At one to three month intervals, based on their chosen subscription plan, they mail back their existing print and get a new print in return.
  • Every dollar that a customer spends during their subscription, earns credit towards the purchase of an original piece.
  • As a result, artists get access to an audience that is already financially committed to purchasing an original work of art – they are simply engaged in the process of deciding which work it will be.

How It Works

All we need from you is a bio and no less than five high-resolution (300 dpi) images of the pieces you’re going to list on turningart.com. TurningArt will do the rest!

What exactly are we rotating? Essentially, the images TurningArt rotates are high quality prints but it is important to understand that they only serve as a sample of each artist’s original piece – not as a sustainable piece of art on its own. Each print gets returned to the company and eventually destroyed after the original is sold or the work is no longer listed on the site. Turning Art is in the business of selling original artwork, not prints.

It is important to remember that, while full size dimensions of your work will be listed on the website, the images or ‘prints’ that we rotate are 12”x16”. Therefore you should select original works that will scale to fit with minimal cropping.

Each original is listed on turningart.com for three months and all sales are made directly between the subscriber and the artist.

How We Market Your Art

TurningArt markets our service and our artists through a number of paid and unpaid advertising methods both online and off-line. As experienced online marketers, we know how to aggressively drive new customers into our rotation service; expanding the number of consumers who have easy access to your work, as well as increasing the audience of financially committed buyers.

Further, the simple design of the service – a low cost rotation service via the internet, with the option to buy - provides access to a much broader demographic of people than you would otherwise have been exposed to; many of whom may not have previously considered the possibility of owning original art.

Finally, customers will be able to browse artwork by a number of tags such as medium, genre, style, color, subject matter, artist location, price, size, etc. It provides an easy way for inexperienced art buyers to get started, and a fast and effective way for more experienced buyers to find the art that they know they’re looking for.

A Select Group of Artists

Although we encourage all interested artists to get in touch and submit their work, we have an internal jury that hand-selects each artist we bring onto the site based on the quality of their work, our current needs in a particular genre and/or style, and their expected appeal to our audience.

We add new artists carefully; closely managing the balance between the number of our users and the number of our artists within each genre – to ensure that our users get the selection they want, and our artists get the exposure they deserve.

Get in Touch

If you'd like to be considered as an artist for TurningArt, send us a link to your work here.