Affiliate Artist FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

How do Affiliated Artists get compensated for use of their work?
As a company of artists, we are always advocating for the artists we work with. We want to be sure that artists are fairly compensated every time someone has a chance to experience their work. Artists receive 60% of the revenue whenever a client purchases an original or commissioned work. If the piece is installed under a lease contract, for a one year period, the artist receives 25% of the retail purchase price to be paid in monthly installments throughout the year. For an install period for other than one year, the monthly payments will be pro-rated appropriately to equal the monthly installments paid under a one year contract.

The artist is responsible for pricing his or her own work and should keep in mind that TurningArt takes a 40% commission from the sale of an original. TurningArt doesn’t ask for exclusivity on the pieces shown on TurningArt, but we do require that the prices listed on TurningArt and the prices listed elsewhere be the same.

How and when are artists paid?
Artists are paid via on the 15th of every month. TurningArt distributes artist earnings as soon as an artist has accrued at least $50. Artists may select to be paid via mailed check or direct deposit.

Who maintains copyright of the work while it’s on TurningArt?
The artist always maintains copyright of the work they create. Under the Affiliated Artist Agreement, TurningArt has permission to use your images in our client proposals and marketing materials. The images will always be credited to the artist.

In the event of the sale of an original, who pays for shipping?
TurningArt will reimburse the Artist for packaging and shipping costs up to $150 unless otherwise agreed upon. The artist is responsible for submitting receipts in order to be reimbursed for packing and shipping the original art to the purchaser.

If you have very large, or heavy work, or if you’re particular about how it’s packed and shipped, we strongly recommend that you include this information in the piece details submitted through your Artist Dashboard so these costs can be included in the client contract and approved for reimbursement.

Can I show my work in gallery shows or on my own website while it’s on TurningArt?
Absolutely, TurningArt is a company of artists and and we are always going to advocate for you and your work. We won’t place restrictions on where you can show your work like a gallery might. We just ask that you let us know as soon as you sell one of the pieces you have listed on TurningArt so that we don’t keep trying to sell a piece that’s no longer available. We also require that you keep the price listed on TurningArt consistent with the price of the piece through other venues.

Do the original pieces I show on TurningArt have to be available for sale?
No, not necessarily. If you don’t want to sell the piece and are only interested in offering it for lease, that’s perfectly fine. Just mark the piece as “Not for Sale” under the availability section on the piece page and “Available for Lease” in the appropriate field.

The opposite is also possible. If you don’t want to lease your work and only want to list pieces as available for sale, that works too!

How does leasing work?
If a client is interested in leasing your work, we will be in touch to confirm pricing and availability. Once this information is confirmed, we’ll work with you to coordinate logistics. Depending on what is necessary for the contract, TurningArt will arrange pick up/shipping/delivery to the installation site. TurningArt’s art handlers will take care of all of the installation. At the end of the contracted lease period, TurningArt will take care of deinstall and be in touch again to find out where you’d like us to return your piece.

Sometimes at the end of these lease periods, clients have fallen in love with the work, can’t bear the idea of parting with it, and ask if they can purchase the piece. In this case, we will be in touch to ask if you’re interested in selling the installed piece or if it’s otherwise spoken for and needs to be returned.

Will my artwork be searchable on TurningArt?
No. None of the information you submit through your Artist Dashboard will be listed on our public site. Affiliated Artist information is logged in our internal database and accessible only by TurningArt administrators and Art Advisors. TurningArt Art Advisors will pull information you’ve submitted and add it to proposals to present to clients.

The artwork you see listed on our public site is included in our Print Program, where all published works are available in limited edition prints for rent and purchase by TurningArt clients.

How often should I update my profile?
The more up to date your profile, the better we can do at selling your work. Whenever you have news to share (a new exhibition to list, a recently completed project that’s just sold, a new piece you have in your studio that’s finished and ready to sell) please update this and submit on your Artist Dashboard! Typically, it is a good idea to check in and update your TurningArt account every two months.

Do you insure the pieces?
Yes, TurningArt insures all of the artwork that we install. We will take care of all of this and make sure that all you need to do is provide the artwork.

How long do I have to make a commission?
It depends on the project. Each commission is handled on a case by case basis. The production time will be negotiated, agreed upon, and included in the commission agreement at the beginning of the project process.

What if a client wants to buy my work after they had it installed on lease?
At the end of the contracted lease period, sometimes clients simply can’t let your work go and want to keep it up on their walls. In this case, we will confirm with you that the piece is still available for sale.

How do I get my work back if it’s been out on lease?
We will take care of returning your artwork to you. At the end of the lease period, TurningArt will reach out to confirm the address we should return your piece to.

What if my piece needs to be framed?
We’ve got it covered. TurningArt will coordinate framing and cover all costs incurred. If your piece is framed to be installed on lease, we will return the artwork to you framed when the contract ends.

How do I update my profile?
Login to your TurningArt account and click ‘Artist Dashboard’ at the top right corner of the page. Once on your Dashboard, you may update your profile information by clicking ‘Edit Profile’ to the right of your name at the top of the page. You’ll be prompted to a page to enter and submit any updates you’d like to make to your profile.

My prices have changed, how do I update my piece information?
To update piece information, scroll down to your ‘Available Inventory’ on your Artist Dashboard and click ‘Edit Piece Info’ to update pricing and any other information listed about that piece.

I sold a piece that’s listed as available on my profile, how do I update this information?
Congrats on the sale! If a piece listed under your Available Inventory becomes unavailable, you may delete this on your Artist Dashboard page. Scroll down to ‘Available Inventory’ and click ‘Delete’ to the far right of the now unavailable piece title.

Okay, great! What do you need from me?
It’s easy. You can submit an application by navigating to our artist page. Within a couple of days, we’ll get back to you with instructions on how to submit the content we need to get you set up. We’re excited to see your work!

My question isn’t answered here. Where can I send my question?
If your question isn’t answered above, you can contact us at