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Lj Lindhurst

Brooklyn, NY

About Lj Lindhurst

Brooklyn, NY

LJ Lindhurst is a self-taught realist painter who was born in Antonia, Missouri, and currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. LJ has had several recent solo exhibitions at places including Mad Art in St. Louis and Gawker HQ in New York City. She has also been a part of many group exhibitions, such as WNYC's Dialogue of Art (NYC), the Fort Wayne Museum of Art (Fort Wayne, Indiana), General Electric Headquarters (Stamford, Connecticut), the Pelham Arts Center (Pelham, New York), and the Butler Institute of American Art (Youngstown, OH).

LJ was also featured on the cover of Overflow magazine’s Spring 2012 issue and was the Artist's Spotlight in the May 2012 issue of Professional Artist Magazine.

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Other works by Lj Lindhurst

Selected Exhibitions

  • Contemporary Realism Biennial, Fort Wayne, IN
    Fort Wayne, IN, 2014
  • Color Corrupted
    Brooklyn, NY, 2014
  • Contemporary Realism Biennial, Fort Wayne Museum of Art
    Fort Wayne, IN, 2010
  • Annual Gowanus Artists Studio Tour
    Brooklyn, NY, 2010

Press and Accolades

  • Featured in American Artist magazine.
    May/June 2010
  • Featured in AlarmPress Magazine
  • Featured in ArtFile Magazine
    July 2014

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