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Rogers City, MI

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Rogers City, MI

Dorothea Sandra is an international and national commissioned artist. Her categories include Contemporary Impressionism and Abstract Expressionism.

Her work is known for its 21st century originality. In the Contemporary Impressionism category her EDAC (evidence-based design) training and certification shines through. She incorporates medical study evidence/results into her designs. Many hospital architects, medical facility designers, administrators, doctors, nurses, and more have this EDAC certification.

“I kept seeing artists/consultants/dealers claim their art was designed for health and healing. I saw images of dripping blood and daggers, disfigured human forms, colors and shapes designed to shock and horrify—all claiming their art appropriate for human wellness. I wanted to do more than just claim the positivity in my art. I wanted legitimate, professional training. When I paint in this category, I strategically and deliberately design original 21st century art based on medical studies.” —Dorothea Sandra, BA, EDAC

Dorothea Sandra is also a super-strong Abstract Expressionism artist. Not only does she paint comfortably in multiple and highly varying abstract styles, she is what is called a prolific artist. She easily produces large quantities of artworks.

“Like many artists, I create lots of art that reflects today’s conditions in society, but I also love utilizing my artistic talents to meet the needs of others. When others talk about the ideas and feelings they want to capture, I carefully and very deeply listen. My goal is to use my skills as an abstract expressionism artist to help them achieve what they desire to capture.”—Dorothea Sandra, BA, EDAC

On a personal note, Dorothea Sandra comes from a multigenerational family of superbly talented artists. Her great-uncle spent a lifetime painting for churches in Europe. Her mother and father were oil painters trained by Roger William Curtis, famous for New England seascapes. Her cousin, a well-known art professor, has restored numerous U.S. historical paintings. Her son chose not to go to art school in the United States. Instead, he enrolled in an anime/graphic design program in Japan. Today he is part owner of a successful advertising/graphic design company in Los Angeles where he regularly creates for Disney, Universal Studios, Warner Brothers and more. Dorothea Sandra also chose not to go to art school. Early on her artistic talents were recognized and she was professionally trained to paint in oil when she was 7/8. Today she works in acrylics, and she’s all about originality and 21st century painting.

She is a member of The Center For Health Design, the National Organization For Arts In Health, and The International Society of Experimental Artists.

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