Well, You See You Need to Make Sure the Load is...

Piece description from the artist

I use the figure to describe the cultural movements that influence our perceptions and behavior. I enjoy studying how people form groups and how small gestures reveal people’s inner thoughts. Looking at the subject is like meeting a person in that the viewer is forced to draw immediate conclusions about the subject based on relatively little information.

Other works by Rine Boyer

About Rine Boyer

Chicago, IL

After receiving her B.A. from Reed College, Rine Boyer moved to Chicago, where she currently works out of her studio in Bridgeport’s Zhou B Art Center. She regularly participates in local shows, her most recent being a solo exhibition at Old Town Art Center. Rine's work recieved an honorable mention at the Rockford Midwestern juried exhibition held at the Rockford Art Museum, and has been reviewed by Newcity, Gaper’s Block, and SOBS.org.

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