Awakening to love

Awakening to Love

Piece description from the artist

Ever since adopting my two girls from Eastern Europe, nine years ago, I have been aware of what happens to girls who age out of the orphanage system there at ages 13 and 14. They are at high risk for sex trafficking. They get caught in a never-ending cycle of abuse, sex, drugs and hopelessness. They are orphans. They have no one to fend for him or her, no daddy to run to for protection. God’s heart aches for their deliverance. He beckons us to partner with him to set these captive free. “…When they cry out to the LORD because of their oppressors, he will send them a Savior and defender, and he will rescue them.” Isaiah 19:20

The three white bars at the top left of the painting symbolize God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Their presence is always there, wooing her and keeping her hope alive. She wears a cross around her neck, somewhere deep inside she believes there is a Savior. Her hair is crowned with jeweled metallic colors because though others sell her for a price, God places his glory upon her and see her as priceless. The turquoise color I used throughout the painting signifies the divine communication between the heart and the Spoken Word as ointment to heal the scars of the past hurts.

Intuitively, I knew from the very beginning that this painting had to have the number 5 in it. Five is symbolic of the gift of Grace as well as the gift of family. When these girls encounter the Supernatural Love of God, both are given freely to them. They are awakened to a Love that is true.

Underneath the layers of paint are flowers as well as the words, hope and love. These things speak of her destiny and her future. Will you be the one to bring them to her? Will you be the one to awaken her to Love?

Other works by Melissa Carter

About Melissa Carter

Panama City, FL

Melissa Carter has always been a creative.

Her family signed her up for some watercolor classes and she was hooked. Her art has evolved since then to include bright colors and textures using other mediums. She recently discovered alcohol inks and has been playing with them. Melissa is always exploring as she paints to create movement with her medium. She is also the mother to 15 kids, 14 who have been adopted internationally. She feels her paintings are very spiritual in nature and hopes that they speak of the hope that is available to those who see them.

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