Yuriy Zakordonets Meet

Yuriy Zakordonets

Odessa, Ukraine

About Yuriy Zakordonets

Odessa, Ukraine

Yuriy Zakordonets is a talented painter from Ukraine who combines a passion to art with a passion to heal.

His primary education was in Medical Science and he still works as a reputable M.D. in Odessa.

His art career started in early 1980s when he took part in various exhibitions dedicated to painting, graphic and design as an artist, coordinator and curator. Since then, over the years, Yuriy has successfully combined multiple art community leadership roles with his personal exhibition which took place in Odessa (Ukraine), Riga (Latvia), Tallin (Estonia), Chicago (US). His artworks are in private collections in Europe, Australia, Asia, US and Africa.

Yuriy Zakordonets has a very peculiar style. He has worked with different materials: wood, metal, and canvas—but also leather, which almost became his signature, like a “proof or origin” of his art. Ukraine is a country where farming is very well integrated into its economy. Many people have (or used to have) connections to rural life. And leather is somewhat a symbol of stability, original crafts, local business, hard work. His works include elements of cave paintings; lines are soft, human bodies are rather symbolic and tattooed and images are graphic. They remind us of ancient alphabets. Its lines create a labyrinth, a maze where you can easily get lost… His work amazes us by its aesthetics as well as its power of traditional art. It is authentic and it has a decorative magic.

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Other works by Yuriy Zakordonets

Selected Exhibitions

  • Four Barrel
    San Francisco, 2017
  • Museum of Eastern and Western Art


  • Odessa Art Institute, MA
  • Odessa Medical University, MD

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