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Poonam Choudhary

Victor, NY

About Poonam Choudhary

Victor, NY

Poonam Choudhary is a contemporary abstract artist who resides in Upstate New York and works as a full-time artist. She feels fortunate to be able to pursue her passion every day and express herself through color and creativity in her art studio. Poonam has even had the privilege of working with well-known brands such as Samsung, where her artwork was displayed on Frame TV, making it a desirable option even when people are not watching TV.

Her recent artworks combine abstraction and minimal forms. She uses texture and layers to create drama and mystery, hoping that viewers can experience a hidden power through the narratives. Poonam explores the intersection between abstract layers and lines, forms through overlapping and blending colors, which creates its own story through subtle markings and scratches that are full of details. Her art enables her to connect emotionally and spiritually with the viewer through its depth and intensity. She shares moments of enlightenment with the viewer to help them feel less alone by seeing their emotions expressed through her art.

For Poonam, abstract art is a way to showcase her innermost feelings and emotions through physical pieces of art that you can touch and experience with your senses. Creating abstract expressionism art is a challenging task, but the result is worth it – an authentic portrayal of the intangible emotions of her spirit.

Her private collections of art have been exhibited on an international stage, and her art has been sold to almost every corner of the world.

As an artist, Poonam takes her responsibility to share messages of inspiration very seriously. She hopes that through art, she can awaken emotions in people who view her work – be it ecstasy, elegance, retrospect, or pensiveness. Art is a universal language that everyone can understand, even if they do not share the same native tongue. Digging deep, one can see at a glance whether a painting expresses love, anger, conflict, sorrow, joy, and more.

Art changes lives and sometimes can even save lives by inspiring people to slow down, breathe, and truly absorb the raw beauty of life.

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Other works by Poonam Choudhary

Selected Exhibitions

  • The other Art Fair Chicago
    Chicago, 2023
  • Lilac Festival
    Rochester, NY, 2021
  • SAMSUNG FEATURED ARTIST - Saatchi Art- New York, USA
    New York, 2019
  • Satellite Art Show
    Brooklyn, NY, 2019
  • Art Expo New York [ SOLO ]
    New York, 2019
  • World Art Dubai
    World Trade Centre, Dubai, 2018
  • Art Expo New York
    New York, 2018

Press and Accolades

  • Curated for Auction “ Body Positivity “
    April, 2021
  • Participated in an Auction “ Masculinity “
    June, 2021
    May, 2019
  • Featured in The magazine - ATH
  • Nominated Article in The magazine - The world on interiors

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