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Lakeland, FL

Self taught artist, Lori Rosen, has art in her DNA. Her grandfather was a painter of flowers and nudes, as well as a sculptor." I remember the first time he showed me how to use a magnet to move iron filings across the canvas to shade the edges of the flowers. Watching him etch copper for his sculptures and use other alternative art-making techniques such as palette painting impressed me at an early age and inspired my creativity." Traditional painting and drawing never held quite the interest for Ms. Rosen that the excitement and emotion of abstract artwork did. "Art for me is acutely observing color, shape, texture and pattern and seeing the possibilities in them. My wonder and awe at the world are the main ingredients in my art. The most important thing to know about me as an artist is, I will never be one who creates 50 or 100 works in the same style. My fascination with playing with color, light, texture and form entice me to learn and create in many different styles such as abstract, primitive, minimalism, color blocking and more. Further, I combine these things into my own signature style, unique to me." Ms. Rosen's best work ranges from dynamic geometric designs to sensual and flowing artworks. Active in her local art community, she won third place for her very first entry with an encaustic painting called "Red Door." Ms. Rosen's work was also hung in Lakeland CIty Hall during a rotating exhibit of local artists.
A perfect complement to large spaces, the triptych works of Lori Rosen accent a variety of architectural styles and interior decor. An avid photographer, she is in a 17 year (and ongoing) photographic study of Frank Lloyd Wright's "Child of the Sun," the largest installation of his work anywhere in the world. Ms. Rosen's artwork was at one point on view at the Melvin Art Gallery which resides within the "Child of the Sun" installation of buildings which make up Florida Southern College in Lakeland, Florida, where she makes her home with her husband and daughter.

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  • Erwin Technical Center, Respiratory Therapy
    Tampa, FL,1992 

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