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Claudia Robles Gil

Somerville, MA

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Somerville, MA

Clau Robles-Gil is a 22-year-old Mexican-American student graduating from Tufts University in 2018 with a major in Psychology and a minor in Studio Art. Art, particularly painting, has been her creative outlet for many years. As an artist, she strives to convey her fascination with culture and color, as exemplified by her pieces, Las Pintoras (2015) and Berber with Mint Tea (2017). In particular, she strives to capture the vibrant, joyous colors inspired by Mexico through her art and is currently working on a painting series to pay tribute to Mexico. Furthermore, an additional recurrent theme in Clau's paintings is the ocean. Clau enjoys learning how to recreate the textures and colors of sea-life through paint, and the results of this can be seen in her paintings such as Oysters & Lemon (2017) and Seashells (2016).

Fundamentally, Clau's ambition is to serve herself from her education in Psychology to ultimately better the lives of those who suffer as a result of mental illness, as well as to use art to encourage the appreciation of humanity, nature, and cultural diversity as a whole.

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Other works by Claudia Robles Gil

Selected Exhibitions


  • Tufts University, B.S. in Psychology
    Medford, MA,2018 
  • The American School Foundation, A.C., High School
    Mexico City, Mexico,2014 

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