Mercado de Mariscos (Seafood Market) (2018)

Piece description from the artist

"Mercado de Mariscos" portrays a snapshot of natural beauty that we often take for granted. We live under the illusion of abundance, of overflowing crates of food, of a never-ending supply, hardly stopping to think of the consequences that our daily actions have on the sustainability of the things we eat. We've let our oceans scorch, and the beauty that they create – beautiful silver and magenta fish, perfectly symmetrical seashells, firetruck red lobsters – is being negatively affected by our day-to-day actions. And yet, it's hard for us to see the damage. Yet, the way our oceans unite us, perhaps we can also consider the possibility of uniting for the cause of preserving our planet, of sustaining the diverse, beautiful, nourishing creatures that nature has put in front of us.

Other works by Claudia Robles-Gil

About Claudia Robles-Gil

Long Island City, NY

Claudia Robles-Gil is a Mexican artist based in Queens, NY who draws from her travels around the world to create vibrant, soulful portals to nature and to her human experience. Her oil paintings use richly saturated color and bold brushstrokes to capture the depth, vibrancy, and intensity of her encounters with the world around her. Most recently, her work has been featured in British Vogue and Vanity Fair UK and exhibited at High Line Galleries in New York City and Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition in Brooklyn, NY.

Claudia's Mexican heritage has imbued in her a deep reverence for nature. Her paintings are rooted in this heritage: everything she puts on canvas is vibrant, deeply infused with color, reminiscent of Mexico’s happy spirit and closeness with Earth. For her, nature serves as a pathway to the divine, and it is this very path that she explores through her art, inviting viewers to experience nature's power and the transcendent emotions it evokes firsthand.

While her focus is on capturing the beauty and interconnectedness of our psyche to nature, Claudia also experiments with portraits and mystical subject matter to explore her personal psychological and spiritual experiences. By sharing her art with others, Claudia hopes to inspire a profound appreciation for the world around us and a deeper awareness of our place within it.

See Claudia's portfolio here

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