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Carina Tenaglia

Alexandria, VA

About Carina Tenaglia

Alexandria, VA

Carina Tenaglia resides in the DC metro area, where she works as a lawyer and creates artwork in her free time. She specializes in abstract painting and modern calligraphy. Inspired by neutral and metallic tones, texture, movement, light, and shadows, and she uses a layering process to add depth to her fine art. She is also inspired by social justice initiatives and donates a percentage of profits from her collections and proceeds as a whole to benefit local and nationwide non-profits advancing social justice and humanitarian efforts.

Carina has participated in several local and international art shows and exhibitions, and her work has been featured in two hotels, a Senator's office, Shop Made in DC, Steadfast Supply, Park Story, various West Elm locations, and in other shows. She also holds occasional art workshops.

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Other works by Carina Tenaglia

Selected Exhibitions

Press and Accolades

  • Voyage Baltimore:
    December 2021


  • The George Washington University Law School, Juris Doctor
    Washington, D.C.,2019 
  • The Florida State University, Bachelor of Science in Business Management and International Affairs
    Tallahassee, FL,2016 

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