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Oak Park, MI

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Oak Park, MI

Born and raised in Detroit, Brian Day was quite fascinated by his father's camera: the pop of the flash, canisters of film, and priceless candid moments of family and friends. As he grew older, Brian took a great interest in motion pictures, specifically cinematography. The drama that could be created through the perspective of the lens, the emotion conveyed through orchestrated light, stories told visually – these made a deep impact on him.

Brian loves the timeless nature of black and white photographs. A photograph can make a statement; it can pose a question or even provide an answer. Because we see in color rather than black and white, it is inherently impossible to share exactly what a photographer saw in any given scene. However, it is entirely possible to share what that photographer felt. It is this communication of emotions-the engagement of not just the eyes, but the mind as well-that interests Brian most in photography.

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Other works by Brian Day

Selected Exhibitions

  • Tappo
    Toronto, ON, 2011
  • Detroit Artist Market
    Detroit, MI, 2011
  • 71 Pop
    Detroit, MI, 2011
  • Studio Couture
    Detroit, MI, 2011
  • 555 Gallery
    Detroit, MI, 2010

Press and Accolades

  • Black and White Photography Magazine
    April-May 2011
  • Metro Times (cover story)
    November 2011
  • CNN International
    July 2012


  • University of Michigan, Communications
    Dearborn, MI 

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