after the storm

Piece description from the artist

Black + White Photography magazine, April 2011

Upon having my work published in Black and White Magazine:

My father goes, "Who is the guy in the pictures?"

My mother: "So who took the pictures?"

My wife: "Do you we get any money for this?"

Other works by Brian Day

About Brian Day

Oak Park, MI

Born and raised in Detroit, Brian Day was quite fascinated by his father's camera: the pop of the flash, canisters of film, and priceless candid moments of family and friends. As he grew older, Brian took a great interest in motion pictures, specifically cinematography. The drama that could be created through the perspective of the lens, the emotion conveyed through orchestrated light, stories told visually – these made a deep impact on him.

Brian loves the timeless nature of black and white photographs. A photograph can make a statement; it can pose a question or even provide an answer. Because we see in color rather than black and white, it is inherently impossible to share exactly what a photographer saw in any given scene. However, it is entirely possible to share what that photographer felt. It is this communication of emotions-the engagement of not just the eyes, but the mind as well-that interests Brian most in photography.

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