Winter 5pm San Francisco Bay

Piece description from the artist

I'm interested in the emotions that ambient light can express depending upon the time of year and hour of the day in the same general location. For example, the clear, crisp bright sunlight of a late spring day in the city of San Francisco looks and even feels completely different from the cool, overcast light of this image and can make you feel differently as well. With this image my intent was to capture the dark, yet still very illuminating light of a cold, late afternoon, overcast, winter day composing it with the simplest of elements and using a long exposure to express the richness in the beauty of that light that also reveals the details of objects so well.

I'm also interested in how viewers perceive works of art in relation to their own personal life experiences, education, upbringing and and even their prejudices, which I found can also affect their reaction to it and how they perceive it that many times can bring out other elements to the work that weren't intentional on my part.

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About Scott Lockwood

Vallejo, CA

Noted San Francisco Bay Area commercial and editorial photographer Scott Lockwood's work has been seen from time to time in publications such as California Magazine, Los Angeles Times Magazine, Orange Coast Magazine and more. His award-winning fine art work has been featured in Black & White Magazine, Art Direction, Photographer's Forum, as a Nikon Photo Contest winner and has been also been included in a one-man show at the Metro Gallery in Los Angeles as well as group shows at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the renown Duncan Miller on-line Your-Daily-Photo Gallery, New York University Gallery and as a Grand Prize Winner in Photo-Illustration at MacWorld San Francisco.

Inspirations include the work of commercial-editorial-fine art masters Irving Penn, Albert Watson and Robert Mapplethorpe, as well as the b&w work of early modernist photographers such as Ansel Adams, Brett Weston, and André Kertész. The influence of painter Wassily Kandinsky's highly formed graphic style is also evident.

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