Where the wilds begin

Where The Wilds Begin

Piece description from the artist

The landscape that surrounds us has an unmistakable influence on our lives. This piece focuses on the way we, as human animals, break up our landscape and create man-made habitat within which to live. This painting represents how the natural environment will waste little time in reclaiming her ground, once we stop organizing and let buildings go. It is where the edge of our towns meet the beginnings of the wilds. That boundary is not always clear.

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About Jody Katopothis

Vancouver, WA

Making art and music has been a life-long practice for Jody Katopothis, and the relationship between these two expressions has become an integral part of her creative explorations. Although each has unique qualities, the two are fully intertwined, complementing, inspiring and informing each other. Her paintings reflect various recurring themes, which are interpreted and reinterpreted over time. These themes include family and ancestral lines, nature's organic beauty, the human organization of nature, and the evolution of humankind from a cultural and spiritual perspective.

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