Archaeology series v seeking the past

Archaeology Series V, Seeking the Past (detail)

Piece description from the artist

This series explores the idea of fragments or remnants of evidence left by ancient human lives. I find this subject extremely intriguing. What could we learn about our ancestors if we could dig down through the layers and expose their day to day lives? How would it feel to walk in their shoes for a day? How were they different from us and how were our lives similar? What objects did they make with their hands, and can we find pieces of them today? We are all links in a long line of souls (There is a latent archaeologist living inside me!).

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About Jody Katopothis

Vancouver, WA

Making art and music has been a life-long practice for Jody Katopothis, and the relationship between these two expressions has become an integral part of her creative explorations. Although each has unique qualities, the two are fully intertwined, complementing, inspiring and informing each other. Her paintings reflect various recurring themes, which are interpreted and reinterpreted over time. These themes include family and ancestral lines, nature's organic beauty, the human organization of nature, and the evolution of humankind from a cultural and spiritual perspective.

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