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Wednesday On the Island

Wednesday On the Island

Piece description from the artist

Made in University Park, PA, 2010

Reality is a matter of perception. I use my work as a way to record, represent, understand and validate my own
sense of reality, as defined and refined through the process of editing.

Concept, form and process are intrinsically linked in my work and are developed simultaneously. Writing is an
important component of my practice and strengthens the ties between idea, language, and image. Titles serve
as captions, and remnants of the creative process are visible, revealing and tracking the evolution of the piece.
I contemplate relics, souvenirs, diaries, and documentation as ways of constructing and preserving a history.
My work experiments with various applications construction, editing, and refining: the Goldilocks drive that
perpetuates the quest for what is “just right.”

Consequently, my work appears eccentric and eclectic and demonstrates a wide range of physical handlings,
technical processes, materials, colors, patterns and textures, creating images that oscillate between representation
and the ethereal. Equally significant are symbols of artificial adhesion and repair, or “jury-rigging” the tenuous and
haphazard union in some neurotic conquest. The highly explorative process- which is simultaneously constructive,
destructive, and alchemical- involves constantly adding and subtracting layers of information, questioning the
integrity of the surface, exploiting techniques and materials, and drawing from an endless range of abstract,
representational, and conceptual references, to reflect fickle and inconsistent beliefs and opinions within each
piece and yield infinite new innovations of creation.