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Up on High with the Clods

Up on High with the Clods

I think I could sometimes quite readily live the life of a hermit, and then be sour about it.

To me, it is all a life riot, a continuous chain of war, birth, growth, dominion, death, and more life. Everything exchanges energy with everything and this is a great equalizer. Strangely, humans want to stand apart from these basic truths and we are often made uncomfortable by the notions of wildness and chaos. We feel this way despite the fact that we are some of its very products. These is an obvious disconnect between the fact that we observe and construct theories. We must dismantle the tired point of view that we, the organized and squeaky-clean humans are a civilizing agent against the dark, many legged and evil lair of "other creatures". Why aren't bacteria, ozone, or sparrows civilizing agents? For the first time in our history, we need to make a true effort to remove ourselves from our strange and isolating pedestal. We are all equals in this life and world.

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10.0" x 14.0"
ink, watercolor, acrylic on paper

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