Untitled reflections on a kitchen wall

Untitled (reflections on a kitchen wall)

Piece description from the artist

This photograph is from the "Poetry of Light" was inspired by the light reflecting on my kitchen wall. It is from a series of photographs that I took documenting the light around the my house throughout the day and season. Much like Monet, I was looking at the color and changes of light on an object or surface. I enjoy examining the colors of light, and the way light can add an emotional effect to a subject. In “The Poetry of Light” series, I focused on the ordinary wonders in a day and reconsidered the light in my personal space. I found that taking the time to practice perception and to be present was a chance to discover the visual poetry in my immediate environment. Watching the light and shadow on the wall were meditative moments, when I thought to practice presentness in a busy, technically involved world.

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About Cassandra Kapsos

Baltimore, MD

Cassandra has been working with the photographic medium for over 15 years. She started out straight out of undergraduate working with one of the largest studios in the outdoors industry in the Ozarks. Cassandra always had a fasciation with light and light theory, and enjoyed using natural light to capture the subject. She found her love for photography early in college, because it was the perfect balance for her of science and art. It was in New York that Cassandra started working as an educator in the arts while continuing her work as a professional photographer. She received her Masters in Art Teaching at the School of Visual Arts and her certificate of teaching for k-12 grades.Cassandra uses her expertise in photography, theory, and history in the classroom. She is still freelancing and creating fine arts abstract photographs. During her time in New York, she found her love for the surface. She is passionate about the pedagogy of art, using the photographic medium to develop higher-level intellectual and creative skills. In 2008, she moved to Baltimore to receive her MFA at Maryland Institute College of Art, while working as an educator and artist. She enjoys watching the young artists grow into professionals. Presently, Cassandra is working as a photography, video, and digital arts educator at Severn School. She gets inspired by taking long walks in the city, and helping with community projects in southwest Baltimore.

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