Untitled rectangles

Untitled (rectangles)

Piece description from the artist

I divided the canvas using a Victorian method referred to as "Dynamarhythmic Design". Although rigidly calculated in the underdrawing, intuition and gestural strokes were key to achieving the color and light in the final painting. Dynamarhythmic Design is related in a sense to Sacred Geometry (an example being the Golden Rectangle), in believing that math is mystical and when applied correctly the result is harmonious and soothing.

Other works by Nancy Wood

About Nancy Wood

Somerville, MA

Nancy Wood's desire to pursue art more seriously evolved over time, having initially studied biology in college and later attending art school. As a biologist she was attracted to patterns in nature and the underlying structure of organic form. That interest ultimately led to her desire to explore these ideas in painting, using the principles of growth and geometry to build her compositions. She ia a Somerville Arts Grant recipient and as a member of Galatea Fine Arts in Boston had a solo show, "Shaping Space" in 2019. Her recent work is an investigation of Geometric Abstraction inspired by Japanese geometrical and optical art and the repetition of forms at different scales to create movement. Nancy is inspired by the works of Piet Mondrian, Malevich, and Rothko as well as geometric pattern-based artwork found in Islamic and Japanese design. Nancy also draws inspiration from contemporary artists including Xylor Jane and Sean Scully.

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