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Piece description from the artist

I was flying my drone every week in different parks in the Raleigh area just to see what I can capture during the fall session to be ready, the peak of colors is just 1-2 weeks and you do not have time to find the best location, when I see its the day I just drove back to this location and captured what I had planned for and this became the outcome!

Other works by Farid Sani

About Farid Sani

Raleigh, NC

Farid is a Triangle area art photographer. A computer network engineer who started art photography in 2006, he has participated in more than 10 solo and group photo exhibitions in multiple countries.
He has also received international photography awards from a number of photo festivals (including Sony International awards 2014 and 2015, Asahi photo festival, etc.).
He is a member of the international federation of art-photographyy (FIAP) with an EFIAP distinction (FIAP Excellence Artist).

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