Unknown God

Piece description from the artist

Adventure & mystery are not just found in exotic locales. I stumbled upon this inscrutable being in a corner of Marie Selby
Botanical Gardens in Sarasota, where staff tell me he has dwelt for over 25 years, un named, unknown.

I photographed a weathered piece of metal, adding verdigris effect & more greenery for the frame, creating an icon from an imaginary past.

Other works by Ron Morecraft

About Ron Morecraft

Alexander, NC

Ron Morecraft spent over 30 years as a special effects photographer in New York City and New Jersey, creating fantasy images for clients ranging from Columbia Records and MTV to Revlon and The New York Times.

With his background in fine art, his painterly approach blossomed with the advent of Photoshop and other digital tools. Ron doesn't just take pictures, he "makes" pictures, executing his visions by supplementing his photographic work with his digital design skills. His subject matter ranges from travel to still life. Each image is unique – either as a painting, a collage or straight photograph.

Ron currently lives in Asheville, NC.

See Ron's portfolio here

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