Turtle on the river bed

Turtle on the River Bed

Piece description from the artist

My standard way of painting is to paint for about 4 hours on several pieces and then focus on the details of one piece. I do this because I paint in layers and all the layers have to dry before I can continue painting otherwise the painting will look muddy.

When I get stuck, I leave my paintings alone. Usually this means a day or maybe a few days. I spend more time thinking about most of my painting then actually painting them. When I have resolved the painting or find the solution I am looking for, that is when I begin to paint on it again.

This painting. “Stones in the River” was started the end of 2007. I got an idea seeing a photo of sails and how the over exposed picture had so many layers. I started painting the piece and some how I was back painting pink and blues colors again – which had nothing to do with what I was trying to capture.

I put the painting away but left it out and kept staring at the piece. Most days I looked at this “beginning of a painting.”

Part of my routine, is to take a walk through the woods and one day, a boy was doing a school project in the woods. I stopped and asked him what he was doing with the camera? He said I am doing a school project taking pictures of water. He was photographing the stream. I went to the other end of the stream and started starring at the water moving over the rocks and I saw what I was looking for.

The picture I had started in 2007 got finished in 2013. The layers I had seen in the over exposed photo was like the layers of colors I was seeing in the water as the water ran over rocks, stems, branches and stuff in the clear water.

I saw what I was looking for… layers of colors and light as the sun hit the water. But, I still didn’t start painting.

Getting some new supplies to make post cards in Istanbul, I picked up some new colors I hadn’t used before.

When I got back from Istanbul – I looked at the painting and saw the solution. The right form and the design was there but I hadn’t found my focus. Now I had the focus. So what the painting is now – 6 years later, is the layers, and colors of light as water flows over rocks. I had to wait to know how to finish the piece.

Other works by Katherine Green

About Katherine Green

Bellevue, WA

Katherine Green was born in Fairfield County, Connecticut, and studied fine art at the University of Colorado at Boulder. She resides, and her studio is in the Pacific Northwest. A classically trained fine artist and watercolor and oil painter, she travels the world to find her inspiration. You can read about her journey at www.WhereintheWorldisKate.com. Her work is sold through TurningArt and her private agent. To learn more about her, please visit www.KatherineGreenArt.com.

Katherine's process involves developing a concept from her photographs. She focuses on pastoral landscapes, nautical scenes, and culture. Katherine's goal is to capture an experience, the feeling of freedom at a place, or moment in time.

Katherine's paintings and photographs have been sold widely to corporate America, banks, hospitals, and private patrons. She is a signature member of the "Northwest Watercolor Society":http://www.nwws.org, and she has been selected twice for "PONCHO's prestigious invitational collection.

Katherine currently lives and works in Seattle, Washington.
Her Facebook account is www/Facebook.com/WhereisKateBlog
More of her photos can be seen on Instagram, at www.instagram.com/WhereintheWorldisKate_

See Katherine's portfolio here

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