The Ugly Duckling Chick??

Piece description from the artist

Photography as a medium captures a moment of physical reality. As an artist it would seem that photography has some extreme limitations, because my work addresses the non physical portion of the human existence. However it's the nonnegotiable presentation of reality I find imperative to my voice. It has been my struggle and my pleasure to try photographing loneliness, love, anger, hope, and forgiveness. My greatest challenge is the reception of the work is completely relative to the audience. I'm drawing from my own reactions and memories, but no one else has experienced my life, and therefore, the viewers reaction to my work can be completely different than I intended.

I construct “stages” to be photographed that are reminiscent of “moments that meant something”. I feel that most of who we are as individuals is comprised from these moments. Our memories aren't like film strips that continuously play from beginning to end. I feel it's more like flashes of time. It's these moments of understanding that stick with us, and shape us. I think that's beautiful.

Other works by Abbey Schneider

About Abbey Schneider

Reading, MA

Abbey Schneider graduated in 2002 with a B.F.A. concentrated in Fine Art Photography. Some years later she moved to Somerville, MA, and completed a secondary degree from The Museum School of Fine Arts. She has always been fascinated in the temporary, and fragile nature of life. Some of her works include food, ice sculptures, plants, and bubbles. Abbey also believes to maintain balance an artist should always have two projects working at any given time. One to fill a conceptual desire, and one to fill a somewhat literal, but humorous desire. Abbey now resides in Reading, MA where she lives with her husband, and her two Boxers Gizmo and Gadget.

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