The sheltered place

The Sheltered Place

Piece description from the artist

This painting was inspired by the events in Boston this week. The officials told the people to Shelter in Place… I had never heard that phrase before. It occurred to me that we need to be able to cope with so many changing circumstances in this crazy world – that we would be well served if we carried our own shelter within us. So, I painted this woman wistfully, blissfully safe in her own sheltered place.

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About Brenda Bergen

Storrs, CT

I've always painted. I was the kid who started an Art Club in school, won all the art contests, decorated the bulletin boards…
I'm sure you know the type. ;-)
When it was time for college, I studied art in Missouri, Alaska, Maine, Connecticut and Europe. Eventually I earned a BS in Studio Art & Art History in CT, which is where I have lived all my adult life.
I am so lucky – I paint every day and sell my work online. I've sold hundreds of paintings on ebay and etsy. I also sell my work locally and teach watercolor painting at a shop near my house. So, I'm never bored! I paint whimsical images that make me smile, and hopefully, they will make you smile too!
I so love and appreciate my art collectors!

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