The chimeras nest

The Chimera’s Nest

Piece description from the artist

This is a found object assemblage sculpture depicting the nest of the fabled chimera, the fire-breathing being that was part lion, part goat and part snake. The term chimera can also mean one object made out of many, and an illusion.

You can see the various object the chimera has found to bring back, making her home. This piece is about past experiences and how memorabilia and how our memories can have a profound effect on the reality we live in today.

Objects in the piece include sticks, keys, computer parts, necklaces and toys.

Other works by Skip Myers

About Skip Myers

Austin, TX

The artwork of Skip Myers explores the world of dreams, symbolism, mythology, various religious belief systems, the human condition and our shared collective consciousness with all sentient beings. One art critic described him as an oneironaut, or one who explores alternative realities. These works are strongly influenced by personal stories, events from life painted on canvas, filtered through a process of organic abstraction and emotion, and built with vivid color and esoteric symbols.

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