Stranger with the hat

Stranger with the Hat

Piece description from the artist

Two figures exchange suspicions concerning the blue stranger.

Other works by Skip Noah

About Skip Noah

Austin, TX

Skip Noah's artwork explores the world of dreams, symbolism, mythology, various religious belief systems, the human condition and our shared collective consciousness with all sentient beings. His artwork is also strongly influenced by personal stories, events from life painted on canvas, filtered through a process of organic abstraction and emotion, and built with vivid color and esoteric symbols.

The overall concept of Noah's paintings and sculptures comes to him instantaneously. He will jot the artwork down on a small piece of paper, and then recreate the artwork anywhere from a few days to years later. He believes it is the unconscious mind that creates these paintings, or taps into a source. Skip states he will learn a lot about himself and the world from looking at the finished artwork.

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