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The bright and bustling Times Square area in New York. Always a taxi in every direction (until you need one).

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About Don Gore

Kansas City, MO

Don started seriously painting nearly thirteen years ago and is currently a signature member of the Missouri Watercolor Society. Don’s primary medium is watercolor with a particular affinity for architectural subjects. Although not an architect, he worked as an architectural draftsman for quite a few years in the time before computer aided drafting. His time was spent over a drawing board using pencil and ink to create design documents. That experience and process of precise and measured work still comes across in his refined technique using a typically unrefined medium. From the urban environments of New York or Chicago, to the barns of his Midwest home, he finds beauty in the work of designers and craftsmen that build the world around all of us.

It was the summer of 2007 when Don saw a small sign at a local art gallery announcing Saturday
morning watercolor classes. He signed up and took to heart the advice of the instructor who told him the secret was to “just paint.” Don says, "she gave me the
confidence to continue to paint and learn from the many mistakes I experienced along the

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