Sunflowers 19


Piece description from the artist

Abstract painting of sunflowers on a stretched 30×40 inch gallery-wrapped canvas with painted sides. A variety of tools were used to create this piece, ranging from rags and brush work to palette knives and sticks – the latter used to drip and fling gray, white and black paint to resemble the structure of a field. The yellow sunflowers were created using a palette knife, resulting in rich texture, while the yellow and light blue paints in the background were flung to the canvas using a spatula. The final result creates a lively and bright scene that draws attention and inspires interest.

Other works by Ben Kelley

About Ben Kelley

Saint Louis, MO

A St. Louis native, Ben's work has been featured locally, throughout various businesses, as well as internationally and most notably for his cover art published on a re-print of famed Dutch writer Nescio's Titaneller.

"I tend to get bored easily, so I like to mix things up and experiment with different ways to express an emotion or thought. Therefore, my work features a variety of creative elements including contrasting or abstracted hues, paint drips and splatters, an assortment of mediums, changes in technique including impasto and collage, or even handwritten compositions within a painting in order to better tell a story. As a result, my portfolio has become quite diverse with paintings that range in varying themes and style.

Exploring new forms of creative expression is what motivates me and is why I know that art is something I'll always have my hands in."

You can read more about Ben in the "St Louis Post Dispatch.":

See Ben's portfolio here

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