A story

A Story

Piece description from the artist

Mixed media painting combining oil paint, oil painting medium, gesso, and paper collage to tell a story about dreams, loss, and hope. Acrylic gesso was first applied to the blank stretched canvas to create a textural underpainting. On top of this, printed paper was ripped and placed in order to form the poetic text that can be seen throughout the painting. Read from left to right, the text reads as follows:

“Welcome in the morning light, it creeps in and steals your dreams.
Softly embracing the comfort inside, living the lies that dreams conceive.
Welcome in the fresh delight, what was built has washed away.
Anxiety comes to reclaim its prize, cold expressions carried by sun rays.
Welcome in a guilt worth repeating, that life cannot be lived in dreams.
Crimson eyes can dry completely, there's more to life than it seems.
Welcome in the morning light, it creeps in and steals your dreams.
An empty heart filled with time. No one said this would be easy."

Other works by Ben Kelley

About Ben Kelley

Saint Louis, MO

A St. Louis native, Ben's work has been featured locally, throughout various businesses, as well as internationally and most notably for his cover art published on a re-print of famed Dutch writer Nescio's Titaneller.

"I tend to get bored easily, so I like to mix things up and experiment with different ways to express an emotion or thought. Therefore, my work features a variety of creative elements including contrasting or abstracted hues, paint drips and splatters, an assortment of mediums, changes in technique including impasto and collage, or even handwritten compositions within a painting in order to better tell a story. As a result, my portfolio has become quite diverse with paintings that range in varying themes and style.

Exploring new forms of creative expression is what motivates me and is why I know that art is something I'll always have my hands in."

You can read more about Ben in the "St Louis Post Dispatch.":http://www.stltoday.com/lifestyles/home-and-garden/home/made-in-st-louis-inspiring-paintings/article_44ec74e0-75a2-5126-8f51-5b042f21f6e2.html

See Ben's portfolio here

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