Soft Landing

Piece description from the artist

I let my kids paint on this panel first, way back in the early spring, then I continued to work and struggle with it all through the summer and into the fall. It navigates my continuing fascination with the idea of nesting, the idea of preparing a place for someone, and what has been prepared for us.

In August I lost my grandma Jean, at the age of 94. In describing her death, my dad said she made a “soft landing” into heaven. All growing up my grandma prepared amazing homes for her family and those she loved, she surrounded us with color and art and patterns. She even had a wallpaper business, so others could prepare their homes, and she spread bright festive bows and knit scarves to anyone who would take one. I owe most of my creativity to her, who taught me to embrace bold colors and patterns, to be myself and stick my nose in the air if someone tried to tell me to do otherwise.

My grandma had such confidence and pizazz, and when I needed direction and guidance, she was always there to give advice and bright ideas. I always had a home with her, and everything made sense when I was with her. Now that she’s in a new home that’s been prepared for her, I am grateful for the place she prepared for me, and hope to always make her proud.

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About Danielle Kimzey

Dallas, TX

Danielle Kimzey received a BFA in Studio Art from SMU and an MFA in Painting from the University of Iowa. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and she is represented by Galleri Urbane in Dallas, TX. She has been commissioned for large wall paintings in Costa Rica, Germany, California and Texas. Most recently, she completed a design for a 30 ft living wall of plants for West Palm Beach, FL. She lives in Dallas where she runs The Art Cottage and teaches painting at Brookhaven College.

Her work is a visual exploration of the mental, physical, and physiological mutations we experience through aging, moving to new places, traveling, changing acquaintances, and learning new things. It follows the deeply individual steps along a universal path and examines how our experiences influence who we are.

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