Piece description from the artist

This is a photograph of someone I knew personally. She posed for me and I touched it up with a few filters in Photoshop to give it the effect I gave it.

Other works by Josh Keating

About Josh Keating

Phoenix, AZ

Josh Keating earned his degree in media arts from in Art Institute of Phoenix, Arizona, and began his career as a caricature artist. Since then, he has created a wide variety of work, including murals, digital media, and pencil drawings. He is influenced by fellow artists like "Picasso": and "Warhol":, as well as filmmakers such as "Alfred Hitchcock": and "Robert Zemeckis": In addition to his personal art practice, Josh works regularly drawing caricatures for parties.

Josh currently lives and works in Phoenix, Arizona, and you can see his comic strip in the "Scottsdale Airpark News Magazine":

See Josh's portfolio here

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