Rock Hard Maple Survivor

Piece description from the artist

Another painting of the same tortured Sugar Maple. I know that grass isn’t usually yellow but it had been 100 degrees F for over a week in the middle of a drought. A soft slow rain finally fell filling the cow wallow beneath the tree, and turning up the chroma on every blade of burnt fescue grass. The eerie afternoon light was as it can only be on such unusual days.

Other works by Floyd Alsbach

About Floyd Alsbach

Marshall, MO

Floyd Alsbach is a "Stuckist": painter whose work is characterized by lucid composition, lucent color, direct texture, and a lifelong passion for art and nature. He consciously changes his style at least once each decade and tends to works within a series.

Floyd has taught painting, drawing and art history at Central Methodist University and Missouri Valley College. Floyd and his wife own and operate a small construction waste disposal business in rural Missouri. In 2012, he celebrated his fortieth year as a painter.

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