New world

New World

Piece description from the artist

At first, this piece began a study of Venus of Urbino, in which the artist aimed to create very clear planes. That initial plan was wandered away from, and the piece began to represent a woman. The woman arrives in her new world long before anyone else and creates a beautiful, richly decorated home with stunning views, but she can’t share her creation with anyone because no one else is around. Eventually, other settlers arrive, but a lot of time has passed. Her home is now somewhat dilapidated, and She’s tired and unaccustomed to dealing with other people after being alone for so long. Maybe other settlers never showed up at all. Maybe she just dreamed that other people finally arrived it.

Other works by Mike Lynch

About Mike Lynch

Westwood, MA

Mike Lynch (mikealynch) creates colorful, abstract acrylic paintings from his studio in Massachusetts. Mike’s paintings have been featured in shows across the northeast from the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art to Boston's John Hancock Tower. He is the author of two short story collections, Omelet Shark (Brass Tacks Press, 2005) and Helicopter Show (Brass Tacks Press, 2009).

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