Piece description from the artist

You know how they used to pack maps with old video games? Games like the Legend of Zelda, Ultima, and what not. There’s always an ocean part with a little whale poking out and a pirate ship and a mermaid. And then there’s a little desert part with a cactus and a vulture perched on top. Well, I like to imagine that this painting is the map to some fictional videogame. But in an exploded sort of way. Maybe a big colorful dog ate the map, got sick, puked it up, and then someone (me, I guess?) pieced it back together again.

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About Mike Lynch

Westwood, MA

Mike Lynch (mikealynch) creates colorful, abstract acrylic paintings from his studio in Massachusetts. Mike’s paintings have been featured in shows across the northeast from the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art to Boston's John Hancock Tower. He is the author of two short story collections, Omelet Shark (Brass Tacks Press, 2005) and Helicopter Show (Brass Tacks Press, 2009).

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