Moon Rise over Manhattan Bridge

Piece description from the artist

To get this shot, we took a spontaneous trip into the city. The entire ride in the moon was absolutely huge, it was mesmerizing. We had zero traffic driving into the city which was awesome. We got to our destination and there was a fence all around blocking us from being able to really get close shots of the Brooklyn Bridge. (stay tuned for that photo!) We dropped down and the moon was right behind the Manhattan Bridge.. It was almost set up perfectly. I did not lose any lens caps on this trip- which is always a major bonus. My lens caps are somewhere hanging out with all my socks!

Other works by Courtney Letwinch

About Courtney Letwinch

Phillipsburg, NJ

Courtney is a landscape photographer, who really tries to capture all the beauty of the location that she shoots at. She wants you to feel all of whats around her. She believes that mother nature puts on the best show.

Court shoots with Nikon gear. She does post processing editing with 2 programs, Lightroom and Photoshop. Her editing tecniques are punchy. Court likes color, clarity and contrast. She loves anything night time related. She loves photographing and capturing light.

Courtney started out with little digital cameras shooting on adventures with her friends. She began to take classes with local professional photographers and soared into the industry from there. From a child to adult- the passion never deminished.

See Courtney's portfolio here

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