Medieval huntress

Medieval Huntress

Piece description from the artist

The mists clear upon a scene in a dense forest. Along the rocky banks of a winding stream, moss covered oaks grow twisted and thick. A woman wearing a black outfit with white fur trim carries a spear and is accompanies by a pair of hunting dogs. Sighting her quarry, the huntress sounds a recheat on her horn to send her hounds into action.

The "Huntress" or "Goddess of the Hunt" is a common theme in art originating in ancient times with images of the goddesses such as Artemis, Diana, Arduinna, Abnoba. It's a subject I've wanted to try for a while. Typically, such a scene would have a female carrying a bow rather than a spear, but I decided that the linear form of the spear worked better in this composition. However, I stayed true to the subject by including dogs, which were often depicted in paintings of Diana.

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About Daniel Eskridge

Marietta, GA

Daniel is a forty-something living in the Metro-Atlanta area, and he is one of the few people who was actually born and raised there. He is also married and has two sons and a daughter. By day, he works as software engineer at a small company. By night he is an artist producing realist works depicting scenes of American wildlife, farm animals, fantasy scenes, extinct animals, and images of the "American Wild West":

Daniel has dual degrees in computer science and fine art from the University of Georgia. Given his education, it would seem only natural for him to combine the two by producing art using a computer. Daniel practices a new form of art called "3D Rendering":, a form of virtual sculpting with a computer. This form of art is utilized by film studios for special effects as well as animated movies, but it can be used to make stills as well. "Check out this video of Daniel creating a 3D rendering!":

Daniel’s interest in art began when he was young. As a fan of science fiction and fantasy novels, he became particularly interested in the works of the illustrators that appeared on the covers, such as "Frank Frazetta": and "Michael Whelan": In college, he discovered the work of the "French Realists":, the "Pre-Raphaelites":, and the "Hudson River School":, which further influenced him and put his work on a course where nature was the dominant theme.

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