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John Fu By John Fu

Piece description from the artist

In the moment of making art, I can just focus on being creative. I’d like to give the viewer a glimpse of my world, inspired by my dreams and feelings. I attempt to portray fantasy, emotion and intense feelings in my work.

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About John Fu

Chicago, IL

John Fu's paintings are a contemporary synthesis of art and cultural histories. John combines techniques and ideas of Western and Eastern masters in art and philosophy to convey peacefulness, tranquility, and elegance. His style can be described as montage; the arrangement, grouping and manipulation of image with emotional implications. This montage is his imagination of space filled with expressive line and richness of color.

Educated in both the US and China, Fu has held teaching positions and lectured in both countries. He also has been featured in various exhibitions in Illinois as well as across the United States.

John is a member of several groups including Oil Painters of America Association, U.S.A., Artwork jury & collection committee,WCC, Illinois, U.S.A., Chinese Art Association of Northern America, Chicago, U.S.A., Branding Committee,WCC, Illinois, U.S.A., and Curriculum Council Committee,WCC, Illinois, U.S.A.

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