Love and Chaos

Piece description from the artist

My art emerges through emptying and meditating; the process starts in reflecting and pouring out in streams of consciousness so that I may vividly create art and live from my core. The art itself is the process of transformation; akin to shedding skin, letting go of the surface layers that get in the way of truly seeing.

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About Vanessa Chakour

Ashfield , MA

Vanessa Chakour is an author, naturalist, herbalist, former pro-boxer, visual artist, and nature advocate. A blend of her vast personal experiences over the last two decades, her work is rooted in the belief that healing happens through reclaiming an intuitive connection to ourselves, the natural world, and our own “inner-wild.”

Vanessa’s writing and work have been featured in Spirituality & Health, Town Hall Seattle, The Journal of Medicinal Plant Conservation, Aligned Magazine, Ravenous Zine, Culture Trip, and she has shared her work as an inspirational speaker at the United Nations, Brown University, the Muhammad Ali Center, and Harvard University. Her memoir, Awakening Artemis published in 2021 by Penguin Life in the US and UK, and Ullstein Press in Germany, shares her journey of healing through the lens of 24 medicinal plants. Her upcoming book Earthly Bodies: Embracing Animal Nature (Penguin 2024) explores inner and outer landscapes through the lens of wild animals.

Her artwork energetically combines colors, movement, concepts, and dreamscapes. In her distinctive style of Visual Verse, every brushstroke is a string of words- a lyric, poem, or free association. The influence of music on her art can be seen in its rhythm, fluidity, and movement. Vanessa has had her art featured in prominent private collections, as well as public exhibitions. She has also been a featured artist in renowned galleries throughout New York.

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