The Listener

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I find that by synthesizing memories and observations with my photographs, my paintings become more than an enlarged version of the original snapshot; this is the place where my work leads me to artistic discovery. As the references I draw inspiration from begin to sever the connection from their place of origin, my painting begins to exist as its own entity; a moment which permits me creative emancipation.

The concept to suggest, rather than to illustrate in full, intrigues and challenges me everyday. How can I draw the observer in without overstating the subject and at the same time connect with their recollections? As I paint, the personal connection between artist and viewer is always on my mind; my work is a bit of personal information to share, I want the spectator to know me. My paintings are meant to have strength yet remain uncomplicated and sensitive; a respite from the tumult in the world today.

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About Rosalie Sidoti

Ipswich, MA

Rosalie Sidoti (Iacono), a visual artist of Contemporary Impressionism, paints figures and landscapes from personal chronicles and observations. The understated attitude of the figure and/or the transition of lights for both figure and landscape paintings provides her initial inspiration. Years of classical training in the fine arts, rooted in the study of the works of the old and new masters, established a solid foundation from which she draws inspiration for the compilation of her work.

Rosalie Sidoti earned B.F.A. and M.A. degrees. After graduate school, she continued her education at Oxford University’s Ruskin School of Fine Arts summer exchange program, where she credits her teachers for their confidence and encouragement. Presently, she maintains a studio in Ipswich, MA and is also a Supervisor of graduate students for Tufts University, in affiliation with The School of the Museum of Fine Arts. She is a frequent arts lecturer and demonstrator at various organizations and associations, and her work is in the collection of numerous corporations, cities, and individuals along the East Coast.

Rosalie is a juried member of the following organizations: National Association of Women Artists,NY, Oil Painters of America, MD, Rockport Art Association,MA, North Shore Arts Association,MA, New Hampshire Art Association,NH

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