Lion Heart

Piece description from the artist

I think a lot. Probably too much. One of the ways I’m coming to terms with this and trying to work through it is with art. Creating art lets me stop for awhile and breathe. The path I’ve taken in creation has lead me to start constructing much of my work using mixed media, pulling from acrylic paints to watercolors, to pens and markers, to charcoal and graphite, to aerosol, to collage. Trying not to think about what I’m creating, but just trying to create: to let the pen or brush do the work and just realize that I’m there along for the ride. The result is a snapshot of my thoughts, letting them crowd the paper or canvas for awhile, and giving me a chance to just breathe.

Love. War. Heart. Soul. Energy. Frustration. Angst. Calmness. Fluidity. Violence. Peace. Music. Art. Poem. Silence. Song. Sex. Stillness. Dance. Joy. Despair. They all exist, but some of them really aren’t worth our energy.

Other works by Adam LoRusso

About Adam LoRusso

Boston, MA

Adam LoRusso thinks a lot… maybe even too much. The creation of artwork has always been a great way for him to unwind, stopping him to breath and relax.

Adam works in mixed medias with everything from acrylics, watercolors, ink, charcoal, graphite and collage. After studying both Graphic Design and Art at Fitchburg State University, Adam decided to pave his own path as a freelance designer, illustrator, and tattoo artist at Sugar Skull Tattoo Studio in Billerica, Massachusetts.

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