In or out the womb

In or Out the Womb

Piece description from the artist

Potatoes of all kinds come out of the ground in odd shapes. However this purple yam looked quite different to me. I decided to title it “In or Out the Womb” because to me it looks like a fetus and a pregnant woman. Initially, I viewed the image horizontally and it appeared to be the head of a bird.

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About Morgan Chandler

Washington, DC

Morgan S. Chandler is a Delaware native and photographer currently based in Washington, DC. She draws inspiration from Group f/64 photographers as well as the personification and emotions that stagnant nature exudes. She enjoys the ability to have control of the light during in-studio shoots but appreciates having to adapt to the sun’s light to capture her best outdoor works. Morgan is a graduate of Norfolk State University with a B.A. in Fine Arts Graphic Design. She photographs with a DSLR and a large-format film camera.

“My eyes tend to see objects in a way that makes them look like something else. For example, don’t you know when you look at the big, fluffy clouds in the sky? At first glance they are obviously clouds. But if you stare a bit longer you see a mountain, dragon, or the shape of a country. That’s kind of how my eyes work everyday and how I capture and crop my images. If you ever catch me staring at something, that’s probably what I am consciously or sub-consciously doing.” – Morgan Chandler

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